Fido, enemy of wildlife

It was known that stray domestic cats killed billions of wild birds and mammals each year in the United States. A Chilean study shows that stray dogs also pose a real threat to wild animals.

Biologist Eduardo Silva-Rodriguez and his colleagues at the Southern University of Chile claim that the dog is the third most important predator introduced by humans, after the cat and the rat.

They are true predators and kill wild animals, disrupt their ecosystems and transmit diseases to them. Not to mention that they can compete with them for their prey.

Thus, the best friend of man would have contributed to the extinction of nearly a dozen animal species, and currently threatens nearly 200, some of which are very close to disappear.

According to Mr. Silva-Rodriguez, it is urgent to tackle the problem. There are currently an estimated one billion domestic dogs in the world, millions of which are stray and live in freedom.

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